They said it: How ESCAPE is helping to serve the community

“The First Five course provided me with more information and skills than I expected. The course covered everything from parents’ responsibilities to nutrition and communication. I also understood the difference between punishment and discipline and what is considered child abuse. I was happy during the course because I was already implementing a lot of the skills that were taught, but I was also able to learn many new ways of caring for my son.” – Graduate of The First Five! “I learned how to control my feelings by taking deep breaths and talking calmly. I also learned how to set important rules in our household that need to be followed.” – Graduate of Building Confident Families

“I will listen to my children more attentively and consider being more respectful towards my co-parent …” -Graduate of Families and Divorce “I learned to sit down and talk things over before they turn into problems in life, and to be able to help my grandkids live a better life. They know I am always there for them…my grandkids now know they can always count on me.” – Graduate of Circle of Love

“We should not discipline children with hits but rather with love. It is important to look for information in books, on the internet or in programs like ESCAPE, which provide tools to become better parents.” – Graduate of Exceptional Parenting

“I thought we needed to wait until our children turned 15 years old in order to talk to them about sexuality. I know now that we need to speak to them sooner than that and we learned ways to do that without feeling awkward.” – Graduate of How to Speak with your Children Regarding Sexuality