2017-2018 was a good year for ESCAPE Family Resource Center

We are Houston Strong!

It has been an amazing year for ESCAPE Family Resource Center. We, along with thousands of others, continue to weather the effects of Hurricane Harvey. Families in the communities we serve are returning to dry homes, new jobs, and are recreating a lifestyle that can move them ahead.

True to our mission, we have touched the lives of thousands of parents and children, enhancing their knowledge and skills to provide a healthier, safer, and happy environment for the whole family. 

The Parent Aide program started in January and was at maximum capacity after just two months. The need is real. Families understand and appreciate the significance of having a parent aide in their homes weekly to provide direction and support as they create a stronger, more resilient family structure. 

New partnerships are showing results. Over four dozen educators work with parents and children who are referred by 56 collaborating schools, programs, shelters, churches and agencies so that children will not suffer from maltreatment.  

Perhaps the most significant event of the year was divesting ourselves from building ownership and becoming a tenant at our current location. With the significant reduction in overhead, we hope to provide more programs and services to assist families as they seek strategies to create happy, healthy homes.

Public support is our greatest asset. Without your kind gifts, families would suffer needlessly from abuse and neglect. We pledge to continue making a difference in Houston and beyond.

Thank you for the countless blessings!