Magnificent Five comes to the rescue to help ESCAPE move

When the call went out that ESCAPE Family Resource Center needed some help moving furniture, the “Magnificent Five” from Occidental Petroleum came to the rescue.

“The staff was so grateful to have 10 extra hands helping with this project,” said Fritz Guthrie, CEO.  “But, we were amazed at how quickly they were able to get everything done!”

Special recognition goes to the “Magnificent Five” who assisted with the project:   Anisoor Rahman, Michael Pubentz, Rudy Elizondo, Tommy Hoang and Kyle Nguyenv.

The employees of Occidental Petroleum have been supporting ESCAPE Family Resource Center for years, with donations, time working at the Center’s events, and lending executives to the Board of Directors. For these reasons and many more, ESCAPE Family Resource Center will be honoring Occidental Petroleum at the coming Celebrity Serve Benefit on Wednesday, April 3 at Union Station at Minute Maid Park.  For more information, visit